Lacey Banghard Gets Into the Ta-Ta Ring With Courtnie Quinlan; It Be Battle of the Boobtastic Time!

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I'm a pacifist by nature and temperament. I take that whole make love not war slogan to heart. Not for political reasons. I just really like making love. And women. War is not as fun. But we still do have that competitive instinct for battle and dominance. So, I've combined my passion with the cathartic feel of gladiator battles by pitting two sweet hotties with amazing racks against one another in the arena of the awesome we like to call, the Battle of the Boobtastic.

This week's BOB features our finely monikered Lacey Banghardand her sweet plums against Courtnie Quinlan and her perfectly perty pair. It's a chest to chest battle that can only be decided by the wisdom of your eyeballs and clicks. You must decide between two hotties, like Solomon, render a wise decision. I don't envy you in these matters. But I do count on you. In your expert opinion, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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