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Lissy Cunningham Tells Rhian Sugden, Yo, I Got Your Funbags Right Here, In the Topless Battle of the Boobtastic

I'm not sure she actually said that, but once we pit our two female warriors in the Thunderdome of the heavenly teats, you never know what kind of passions might ensure. The girls, my own, it can all get very emotionally and physically messy, if all goes well.

Once again we have two of the finest ladies on the planet baring their wares for a chance to be crowned winner of the Battle of the Boobtastic. Will it be Lissy Cunninghamor Rhian Sugden in this ferocious hot battle of the even hotter blondes? Heck if I know. As always, you the time wasters at work and school must choose the fate of the ladies. Between these two heavenly female forms, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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