Luci Ford Covered Topless in Her Kitchen

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Luci Ford is just a regular gal that like to do her dishes with no shirt on. Doesn't every girl think, "My sink is full of dirty plates so I'm going to put on a pair of cut-off shorts and scrub the dishes with my knockers hanging out"? I'm going to choose to live in a world where that is exactly what happens. Luci's ladies are fairly tremendous. They are so big that they can barely be eclipsed by her whole body from behind. That's some serious boobtasticness, y'all. Her booty is also pretty amazing in those cutt-offs. This is the time of year when girls pull those bad boys out of their summer drawers and sport them around the city. That's why summer is my favorite time of year. That and sun dresses. Oh my, yes.

So, what I'm saying is that I encourage the ladies to follow Luci's example and do their housework topless.

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