Maggie Duran and a Few of Her Model Friends Topless for Beauty and for Glory

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We really fell head over heels when first we topless met model Maggie Duran and her hot body of work. Now, we get another peek at the beautiful peaks of Maggie and a couple of her model friends showing off their goodies in this blessedly visually hot photoshoot from Henrik Purienne which I believe was for Lui Magazine last winter. I can't help but feel the models I try to invite to my private studio for shoots would take me more seriously if I had a cool artist sounding name like that. I'm pretty sure parents last word of advice before shipping their hot daughters off to the big city is 'never trust a man named Bill'. Such horrible stereotyping. I blame Clinton.

Maggie Duran is one of those naturally stunning brunettes for whom I'd shank any of you in the shower for five minutes of conjugal time. She could actually join me four minutes into it and I think it'd still just about be the right timing. Maggie, despite your early entry with such wonderful exhibition, we need to see much more of you. Please, shoot shoot shoot away. You are quite the lovely. Enjoy.

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