Mellisa Clarke Topless Shower Snaps Make Selfies Worthwhile Again

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Let's be honest. Selfies are like stretch pants. They give and they taketh away. It really is a phenomenon that you have to sift through to find the gems. But it doesn't take much sifting when alt-brunette glamour hottie Mellisa Clarke grabs a camera and start snapping her naturally not self in the shower taking off her undies. It's pure genius.

At some point, hot girls will figure out how to take any technology or trend to its utter heights. Duck faced selfies passed around the sorority house. Ha-ha-meh. But Mellisa Clarke and her ridiculously hot female form shot and scrunched racktastic by her own self. Well, less funny, more catatonic staring. Thank you for sharing, Mellisa. Enjoy.

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