Mr. Skin and Naked News Father's Day Gift Spectacular!

You know I only pimp the stuff I love here. Then I try to whittle it down for as little as possible for those of you who dig the same things. You know, hot nekkid girls, topless celebrities, news reporters taking off their clothes, those high minded kinds of things. I just want you to be happy. And on this Father's Day Weekend, I want dad to be happy. Just look at that poor bastard. Yes, he had sex with your mom, but it's time to let bygones be bygones and show your appreciation for the dad who taught you how to be a mediocre Little League player with a joint subscription to Mr. Skin and Naked News for just ten bucks a month.

Mr. Skin and Naked News bundled for just a few shekels per months

I can't do math, so I can't calculate the bargain, but it's big. And dad deserves it. And so do you, if you want to buy it for yourself and pretend it's for dad. Or maybe you are a dad and you're kids are getting you crap again this year. So get this for yourself. I can't guarantee anything other than countless hours of entertainment right up dad's alley, so to speak. Enjoy.

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