Stacey Poole Strips Nekkid In The Garden

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Bombshell beauty Stacey Poole took off her top in this titillating garden shoot. I do like boobies al fresco, as it were. Stacey's ta-tas are, to use a word I don't use often, gargantuan. They are the size breasts that might give you carpal tunnel syndrome from handling them but it would be totally worth it. Even though her ladies are of a mammoth size, they don't droop. Not one bit, my friends. These things somehow defy the laws of gravity and physics. We need to get Stephen Hawking in to tell us just how Stacey's knockers keep from swinging low. Stacey looks almost Garden of Eden-like in these pics. I would probably eat an evil apple if she offered it to me. As long as I can see her exposed cha-chas I would do just about anything.

There is something about seeing a woman nekkid out among nature that is super hot. Maybe it's that old hunter-gatherer instinct left over from back when we hadn't invented clothes. You know, the good ol' days.

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