Svetlana Cluck Topless Natural Fashion Model Goodness

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I get letters from so many of you good citizens in support, lust, and general promotion of the lovely ladies with the still untouched funbags. I don't mean untouched by tender loving hands, I mean untouched by the enhancements quite common to modern Hollywood and beyond. I hear your plaintive cries for more untarnished topless goodness, such that it exists in our sphere. And it does exist. As in the form of gorgeous young Russian model Svetlana Cluck who posed for these amazing Attilio D'Agostino photos, I believe a little while back, but now reprinted and promoted in Polanski magazine this month.

I don't know how to say ooh la la in Russian, or, Svetlana, will you please be my hot sullen sextastic brooding model with hot lean body young wife for the next twelve to fifteen months. But now I sure as heck want to learn. Svetlana, in her natural beauty. So hot. Enjoy.

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