Valentina Matteucci Nekkid Epic Hot Boobtastic In an Art Gallery (Art Galleries Now Officially Considred Interesting)

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Editor's note: thanks to all who noted that who I was calling Eva Alegra, is also obviously more often known as wicked hot hottie, Valentina Matteucci, she of the blessed hot funbags.

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EgoReader 'Dallas' knows this site simply shouldn't go another day without Valentina Matteucci. I understand the thrill of the share, Dallas, and I also understand just how ridiculously hot and racktastic Valentina Matteucci is. How can I not share such visual wonderments. A gift is not a gift until it's shared.

Valentina is getting all kinds of topless nekkid in what appears to be an art gallery for this memorable mammarial shoot. I usually get a cold or the flu or a sudden case of kuru when anybody tells me we're scheduled to go to an art gallery. But if it's this particular venue, I think I'd go and ask politely, 'Excuse me, does anyone know where the Matteucci is hanging?'.  Oh, boy, Valentina, you are a work of art. Enjoy.

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