Valerija Kelava Topless Shoot for Lui Magazine Looks and Smells Ever So Sextastic

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Whenever somebody asks me, 'Hey, Bill, how'd you like to see a hot Slovenian model topless with a bunch of oversized bottles of men's European cologne?' I always answer the same, 'I already am'. I suppose I'm not really supposed to understand why Valerija Kelava is all alluring and topless with all these giant cologne bottles in Lui magazine. I'm always happen to not have to think whenever possible. I just really like to look

Valerija is ranked in the top 50 models worldwide by That's sort of like ranking in the BCS. You want your name on that board and you want to climb as high as possible. Though the hot fashion model season goes on forever and if you're lucky you never have to hear Brent Musburger. Valerija, it's an honor to meet you without your clothes on. I think we could be good friends. Enjoy.

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