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Abbey Lee Kershaw Topless Nekkid All Over Australian Stylish Photoshoot Goodness

I do so have a crush on all hot women of Australia. Yeah, it's a broad brush, but my canvas is equally huge if you know what I'm saying, though I don't know myself. Abbey Lee Kershaw falls into my domain of sextastic Aussies. I'd like to think I fall into her domain of pasty white bloated bloggers she'd like to add to her notch on the bedpost. Anything is possible.

Abbey Lee gets all kinds of acrobatic posing and stylish for this Cara Stricker shot nude photoshoot that I doubt will ever leave the happy part of my brain. the Down Under model has got the complete package of hot looks, wicked delightful body, and a penchant and willingness to show herself off the world completely bare. For the sake of art, naturally. Whatever we gentleman oglers take away is just a byproduct. A crazy hot and drool-worthy byproduct. Enjoy.

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