Ashley Benson Topless Bikini Candids! Pretty Little Funbags Not So Little in Hawaii

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What Spring Breakers couldn't quite deliver, well, all good things come to those who sit and wait, with a big screen TV and some homemade jerky, naturally. The righteously sextastic Ashley Benson topless and bikini top unfurled in all her wicked hot glory. It's moments like these when getting up before noon each day truly seems worthwhile.

We saw Ashley and her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell strutting about the 50th state in their bikinis on holiday. Apparently Ashley decided to go for a little au natural sun tanning of her stellar boobtastic and was caught by a man with a camera who deserves one of those medals important people pass out. Or at least whatever he charge me for these photos. Oh, my, just look at those funions.

Ashley Benson has been on my list of Hollywood hotties I've been dying to see topless. Consider that BIll's bucket list. Today I happily check off Ashley Benson. I think I hear the angels sing. Enjoy.

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