Ashley Roberts Topless Treats on Bikini Vacation in Ibiza

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Well, thanks to a million and one of you who happened to notice that former Pussycat Doll dancer and singer Ashley Roberts was caught topless early last week whilst on vacation in Spain. It's a remarkably rare and not to mention super sextastic sighting of one of the Pussycat Dolls flashing her funbags for El Sol. Despite her American roots, Ashley has become quite the celebrity in the U.K. and it's nice to see her adopting European ways when it comes to suntanning. Nipples need their Vitamin D too. A fact I like to remind hot girls like Ashley as I walk around the beach carrying my Vitamin D enriched lotions offering a massage of their tender loving parts.

The day celebrities start suntanning topless at American beaches is the day my head will likely explode. Or, you know, not necessarily my head. For now, we are so pleased for a peeping peek of the luscious lovelies of Ashley Roberts bare ta-ta's. Now that's what I call summer. Enjoy.

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