Ashley Sky Underboob Exposed by Terry Richardson Portraits

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The models are still flocking to Terry Richardson for his special kind of magical photoshoots. While controversy surrounds the bespectacled shooter, there's no stopping super hotties like Ashley Sky from hitting his studio and finding creatives ways to expose her epic funbags. And epic they are, even from just a drooling leer at her underboobs I'm more than hooked on seeing the rest.

Ashley Sky is one of those sextastic Brazilian models who has generally flown under the radar. Well, at least people with pretty damn weak radars. I can't imagine she'd have ever escaped the high power scanner that is the Egotastic! rooftop belt of Orion scanners reviewing the entire planet's surface for evidence of all things sextastic. Like Ashley Sky and those underboobs. Out of this world. Enjoy.

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