Cara Brett Nekkid Hot Yam Supremes in Her Own Backyard

I'm not sure how we overlooked Cara Brett all these wonderful months and years, but EgoReader 'James' sure took note and gave me a good lambasting with a side of tongue-lashing. But the manly kind. Indeed, I find it hard to believe I ever missed Cara Brett and her stellar sized funbags. Right there under my nose. I shall do a few Hail Mary's as penance.

Cara definitely seems quite well equipped to maintain the eyeballs of leering men and Sapphic leaning women. Just seeing her strip out of her swimsuit in her yard makes me believe Cara would be a super fun neighbor. You know, the one you invite over to watch The Oscars a week after the Oscars were on TV then pretend you didn't realize your mistake. Anything to see Cara in a low cut slinky dress ready for some champagne. Not that I suggest you follow this specific move as it can result in black eye syndrome. But girls like Cara do inspire so much mischief in men. Enjoy.

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