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Celebrate Hot Nekkid Hineys and Skindependence Day With Mr. Skin!

You know, some day Mr. Skin and I won't be around to make all these atrocious naughty puns and some of you youngin's will have to step into the mix. But, for now, Happy Skindependence Day thanks to Mr. Skin who is opening up their coffers of the encyclopedia of celebrity skin on film to all Egotastic! readers for just $5 a month. If you've ever thought to yourself, boy, a Mr. Skin subscription sure would be more fun than paying that random tax on my cell phone bill I can't possibly fathom, now would be that time.

Hookup With Mr. Skin for the Holidays for Just $5 a Month!

To celebrate Skindependence, Mr. Skin is focusing on hot bare arses. Think of it as booty fireworks. If you're not an assman, you're probably on the wrong website as it is. If you are, check out the Mr. Skin salute to the hotties of Hollywood asstastic and get yourself hooked up. In all my years pimping Mr. Skin, I can tell you not a single soul has ever come back to me and said, 'I really regret my access to the world's biggest library of hot nekkid women in TV and movies.' and that includes the ones who chaffed themselves so badly they required medical attention. Happy Skindependence Day.

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