Charisma Carpenter Topless Birthday Silent Nekkid Protest on Instagram In All Her Glory

The legendarily veteran hot Charisma Carpenter took a stand on her birthday by posting a topless photo of her extraordinarily hot body and posting it to Instagram, a Facebook company, that abides by the same Taliban views on the female body as its parent company, meaning censure and loss of accounts for showing nipples. It's wrong, everybody knows it's wrong, but Facebook earns twenty million dollars a second, so, yeah, they're not feeling the need to change. So be it.

I normally don't show sweet un-starred treats on the homepage of Egotastic! It bothers the people who sell laundry detergent a whole lot, even though they don't think people who appreciate the female anatomy deserve laundry detergent in the first place. In honor of Charisma's character, confidence, and most importantly, those ridiculously hot jugs, here she is presented in her full glory.

(Thank you to so many of you EgoReaders who snagged this photo of Charisma before it was removed.)

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