Charli XCX Flashes Pink Panties for Memorable Concert Performance

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I'm still not down with this whole naming convention for the pop kids these days, but who am I to argue over British singer Charli XCX so long as she's wearing high hemlines on raised stages in concert and flashing her panties beneath. I'm quite certain she's not a particular shy girl, so I doubt she's blushing at the exhibition of her knickers. Still, it's a nice visual addition for those of us who may not be super into the Charli XCX sound.

I'd hope in this post-Miley era all pop divas understand that screaming into the auto-tune isn't going to get you onto the charts. You need a solid bit of show. So girls want to be you and guys want to be with you. And so gentleman oglers don't have to get out of their beach chairs. That is always a pain. Enjoy.

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