Eliza Sys Topless Beach Photoshoot For Your Sextastic Siren on Rocky Shores Needs

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Yeah, I'd crash my vessel into the rocky shores if I saw Belgian model Eliza Sys laying their topless on the coast line. What better way to perish in a blaze of glory than navigating your craft toward her sextastic goodness. I think that's a metaphor for my entire approach to women in my life as it is. A helpless sailor run adrift by the siren call of some amazing funbags.

In this Aaron Feavor shot pictorial, you can see that the entire extent of what is needed for a killer photoshoot is a killer hot and willing model, a camera, and Mother Nature's own bounty of dramatic backdrops. Eliza and her fine female form do the rest of the work. You can have your tropical sandy beaches, this rocky shore bespeaks of the good kind of danger to me. The kind of trouble you get into with Belgian models and never regret. Enjoy.

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