Emily Ratajkowski Brings Her Faptastic Funbags to Italy

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Our little Emily Ratajkowski has gotten all grow'd up and into the stellar social circles of Europe's film and art festivals and party scenes this summer. It's hard to see her leave the nest, of course, but fly this wicked hot boobtastic bird must if she is ever to reach her true potential. This is the toughest role of the gentleman ogler, pushing his hottest objects d' lust out to spread their own wings in places like Ischia, Italy where Emily's simple little top and jean shorts made her the subject of very much photographic attention.

Someday, I'd like to Emily and I to get together and discuss the good old days of two year ago when she was a relative unknown and her dreams and my desires were first originated. Ideally, we could do this while both completely nekkid, or just her if that enhances the romantic equation as it likely would. I always knew Emily's future was bright, from the very moment I saw her first smiling knowing how amazingly hot she photographed in the buff. I'm glad to be right at least once in a while. Enjoy.

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