Eva Mendes Is Pregnant and Not By Me (Insert Sad Face Emoticon)

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I guess this was many years in the making. Eve Mendes is finally pregnant. By that stupid Ryan Gosling lucky bastard. Given how often I'm confused for Ryan Gosling in the looks department, I can't help but feel this should've been my field to sow, as it were.

It's hard to believe Eva Mendes has been hot in TV and movies and magazines for nearly twenty years now. She recently entered our Forty and Faptastic legends division. And, now, she's been taken away from us, well, her wicked hot body, at least temporarily. Today, we look back on some of our favorite visual wonderments of the Cubana sextastica. She really had so much left to give. Damn you, Ryan Gosling and every one of your damn dimples! Enjoy.

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