Kurara Horie Removes Her Silken Robe for a Memorably Nekkid Photoshoot

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Oh, that I were to live like a king in Japan and pick my own concubines. That would be the life. Well, I'd still need to have my DirecTV NFL package, but that would be the life. Okay, also my Diet Dr. Peppers, but I think you can get those in Japan. So my plan is ready to engage.

From among the list of potential candidates to fill my rice-paper walled boudoir would be Japanese glamour model Kurara Horie. You know, mostly for the conversation. After seeing Kurara remove her silky robe and reveal her epically fine female form beneath, I'm quite convinced she would be my perfect Connect-4 gaming partner. Oh, that Mother Nature does win awards for her busty Asian beauties. They really are some of her finest work. Enjoy.

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