L.Shima Nude and So Epic Body Hot I Want To Cry a Little Happy Tear

Exotic model beauty L.Shimareally throws my entire circuitry into a flickering bit of disaster. I'm often rendered unable to use my voluntary muscles, stuck in my seat, attempting to mumble out the acronym 'OMG'. I can't think of a hotter image than L.Shima and her bodacious body barely covered in a wife beater and some Daisy Dukes. It's like she Incepted my mind and pulled out the super secret fantasy files and then reproduced them in real life. I don't think clams can be as happy as I am today, so I won't draw the comparison.

L.Shima, really, we have to get together sometime so I can charcoal sketch you. I don't actually know how to charcoal sketch, but I could probably pretend well enough that you wouldn't notice that I'm hardly looking at my canvas during your sitting. My knees are knocking again. Please, L.Shima, don't ever make it stop. Hot damn. Enjoy.

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