Maja Krag Topless in Black and White for a Tasty Slice of Danish

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How can I not be a fan of any periodical called Tush Magazine? Especially when they feature the likes of nineteen year old Danish rising model Maja Krag, which translate in English too, I am so damn hot you may not stare at my bare funbags. Not precisely, but as with any translation, there are idioms to consider.

Maja and her faptastic chest puppies are upscale, dressed up, and shown off in this superbly sublime photo shoot. I'm not always a fan of black and white photography, though it does allow us to feel like art appreciators instead of leering peeking gentlemen. Though I'm perfectly comfortable in either instance. Maja, you have the body of a goddess sent to earth to help populate the planet in times of low sperm counts. I can only imagine the impact you'll have in that regard over the next decade. I can't hardly wait. Enjoy.

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