Mariana Braga Topless Natural Brazilian Model Dripping Goodness

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Somebody once asked me if it was okay just to photograph a hot Brazilian model nekkid just because she was a hot Brazilian model who was nekkid. Okay, nobody ever asked me that, but I wish they would. I don't get the chance to say 'hell yes' often enough in my life. As in, hell yes I'd like to see Mariana Braga flashing her naturally nice funbags and loofah washing her lady nest. You know how I feel about loofahs, you definitely know how I feel about sextastic women's special happy places. Mix the two together and we have a big time wow. A damn wow.

Well, just take a look at these sinister hot photos by Alessandro Casagrande and come up with words of your own. If you are able to speak. Enjoy.

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