Mei Yuki Topless in a Hotel Room for a Ta-Ta Tuesday Japanese Edition

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Oh, how I do love my Easter explorations into the sextastic. So many fine women, so little time to share them all. But Japanese glamour model Mei Yuki most definitely deserves sharing. I can't imagine she wouldn't be on my office wall calendar if we had an Egotastic! Tokyo office, which we completely should so I can start writing off my geisha house visits abroad off on my taxes. Mei Yuki is seductive as she is ridiculously hot and boobtastic as she strips out of her little bits of lingerie. I'm left a little verklempt.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the bosoms that inspire us to be better men, or at least pretend to be better men. Fighting nature really is an impossible task, you merely need to fool it. Mei Yuki has a precious pair of Asian melons I'd surely love to sample in the summer. Where there's a will, there's likely a restraining order. That's been my experience. Though I try not to let it get me down. Enjoy.

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