Mellisa Clarke So Simple So Topless So Damn Hot

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It doesn't really take that much for Mellisa Clarke t o make me super happy. I mean like smile all over kind of pleasant feelings. Just taking off her lacy bra works for me in ways I could never have possibly imagined before puberty, though I subconsciously always anticipated.

The alt-brunette slender natural hottie wonder can do so much without the need for theatrics or complex staging or motifs of any kind besides, I'm hot, I'm topless, and you know you want me but I'm not going to say a word. I might be projecting a bit on that last part, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Mellisa Clarke is a heartbreaker of rather noteworthy proportions. I'd be happy to let her break my heart, if it came after an impassioned round of nekkid Yahtzee. Oh, no, a die rolled under you and now it's missing. Search party activate. Enjoy.

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