Nadeea Volianova Nipples In A See-Through Outfit For Comic-Con

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Singer Nadeea Volianova sported a completely see-through outfit at the San Diego Comic-Con. I'm not entirely sure if she's dressed as some kind of comic book character or she's just some sort of intergalactic sex ninja. What I do know is that she has some pretty outstanding funbags. And you can see them in their entirety in this outfit, nips and all. The costume is basically the kind of lingerie you find in a fetish shop. She also wore some war paint and a sword, which normally wouldn't do anything for me, but it kinda makes my Excalibur want to go into the stone, if you know what I mean. Also displayed is her tight shapely booty. It's pretty amazing and, again, is in almost complete view.

You've got to love comic-cons because they encourage women to dress up like slave Princess Leias and Wonder Womans and whatever the hell Nadeea is trying to be. It really is a place where dreams come true.

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