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Rachel Fine Shamelessly and Almost Toplessly Pimping Shittens

Rachel Fine's parents wanted her to be a doctor. Or maybe a female rabbi who wasn't super obviously lesbian. She ended up in low cut tops on the Howard Stern show pushing her handy ass wipes known as Shittens. Rachel's shameless plugging of her ingeniously if not disturbingly unique sphincter cleaners, along with her willingness to appear almost topless, earned her a coveted spot of honor on the pages of Egotastic! As I've told people throughout the years, no, I can not promote your product, though do check that asterisk note about being hot and having big yams.

Rachel Fine, today is your day. You're covering your robust ta-ta's up with disposable, mitten-shaped wet wipes for ten million people to witness. I don't see how that isn't the pinnacle of something. Enjoy.

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