Rihanna Celebrates July 4th In A See-Through Red Dress

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The ever sexy Rihanna commemorated the founding of our great country this weekend by wearing a see-through red dress at Hooray Henry's in Hollywood on July 4th. The outfit is made out of lace or something and is as transparent as one of my grandmother's couch doilies, (old Latin ladies love their doilies). The whole outfit screams, "freedom". Mainly, it's freedom from bras because she isn't wearing one. Rih-Rih's luscious funbags were in almost full view from the front and you get a good eye-full of her sideboobs as well.  Rihanna has one of the most spectacular racks in the music biz.

I know that because I've seen them up close and personal and I can tell you that they are amazeballs. I was once in a room at a function with her and she was wearing a see-through outfit then too and I got a good look at them. I see a pattern emerging.

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