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Shay Laren Topless Epic Bubble Bath Ta-Ta's Will Leave You Feeling Handsy

As impolite as it may be to walk in on a woman taking a bath, I'd like to think the amazingly hot bodied Shay Laren is kind of okay with us peeking on her sudsy ta-ta playtime. She does seem to have the look of a woman who knows she's being watched. Trust me, I know that look. It's often a predicate to me being chased through a yard by security officers. Shay on the other hand has that come hither and play with my tremendous funbags kins of glance that makes me feel far more invited.

The hot girl with big jugs in a bubble bath cliche is only a cliche because it works ever so well. I'm digging through my soft organic sponge collection right now to find the one that I think will please Mistress Laren the most. I expect she is rather particular in this regard. I'm rather particular in my service. We could be a very strong match. What a woman! Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out for a bounty of boobtastic Shay Laren visuals.)

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