Stacey Pool Topless Stars, Topless Stripes, Big Topless Go Boom

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I have to admire a busty British glamour model for draping herself in the Stars and Stripes to say hello to the Yanks. Stacey Poole isn't so much draping herself in the flag as she is wearing it briefly in a bikini which even more patriotically comes off quickly revealing her ample funbags beneath. God bless every nation in the world who loves this kind of show.

Stacey Poole makes me proud to be part of the bigger nation of gentleman oglers who can appreciate her immodest melons as the true bits of Mother Nature genius  that they are. We don't need a lot of hype or primping or styling, just a good looking woman with boobs that could smother us in our sleep. Is that too much to ask? Nay. Tis not. Sally forth, Stacey. Enjoy.

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