Super Hot 'Roommate' Cristi Nekkid Peeping in Her Apartment

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Joe Wehner specializes in voyeuristic shots of desperately hot girls in everyday nekkid type situations. He's working on a new photo book called Roommates which peeks into the boudouir skin filled delights of young models such as Cristifeatured herein. If you don't understand how Joe's photographic passions and my own love of all things peeping align, then you haven't been around here long enough. We're like an eHarmony match.

Now back to the heavenly hot model Cristi, the unwitting subject of voyeuristic New York roommate shots. Blessedly, Cristi is that perfect roommate who happens to be exceptionally hot, and also fond of walking around the flat quite nekkid. She's not the girl you go to as roommates and tell her she needs to put some clothes on. Unless you're other jealous girl roommates, then you probably do. Or all make sweet tender love in the bathtub together if this is the photo book swirling around my mind. Pure genius. My roommates have never looked quite like this. Enjoy.

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