Valeriya Planidina Topless Pimping Denim, As It Should Be

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In my never ending effort to make sure you've seen the bare boobtastic of all the girls you see strutting the catwalk at Fashion Week and on the pages of fashion magazines you peruse while waiting in the dentists office, I present the quite delectable Russian model hottie Valeriya Planidina.

Valeriya is one of the fast rising stars of the haute couture and now featured in this topless pictorial by  Andrew Kuykendall for Galore Magazine. It's called 'Denim' because Valeriya's covered in denim. But it's the uncovered parts that intrigue me the most. So I might change the title to 'Ogle Worthy Hot Nekkid Lady Parts'. Sort of that glass is half full, half empty thing. In my perception, see incredibly sextastic women partially naked means the glass is totally full. I'm an optimist. A very horny optimist. Enjoy.

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