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Celeste Sablich Topless Bodacious Inspiring Argentinean Backside Frontside All Sides Goodness

Almost a year ago when we first met Sudamericana model Celeste Sablich, the only word that escaped my mouth was 'more'. I think it was 'more', I really was mumbling and stuttering. God, I hope it wasn't 'mom'. That would be embarrassing.

I'm quite certain I was experiencing the intense desire to see so much more of this unapologetically curvaceous and over the top brunette Latina with just a fun time party all over look about her. Maybe I'm reading into that, but I happened to be the party planner for my fifth grade class, so I know a thing or too about milk and cookies. And, Celeste, you've got the milk and cookies working in the exact right amounts. Oh, Argentina, how you call my name. I wish Southwest flew there in twenty-seven or fewer stops. Enjoy.

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