Chanelle Hayes Topless Black Lingerie Yam-Baring Perfection

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Okay, so nobody's perfect. I mean that literally. We only chase perfection. Or in my case, my eyes chase perfection in the form of some of the hottest bodied women in the entire world passing before my eyes daily, hourly, by the second. But I always stop to smell the roses. And take the time to leer up and down at the likes of Chanelle Hayesand her body faptastic stripteasing in Zoo magazine.

Chanelle gives me hope, inspiration, and a series of neural responses that can only be described as indiscreet. Oh, to bathe in that boobtastic sea of hers. Bath time would be ever so fun with her rubber duckies in play. Chanelle, I'll draw the water, you bring the loofahs, we'll meet in the middle. You will never know a more precise cleaning. Trust me. Enjoy.

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