Francia Raisa Sextastic in Silhouettes Like You've Never Seen Her Before

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I'm a super fan of underrated sultry hottie Francia Raisa. She's been shedding her teen TV girl image of late for more grown up motif photo ops, which is more than past time considering she's a solid 20-something with a super solid female form.

In this unique silhouette in black and white from Isabelle Ratane, Francia starts to use her lady curves in sultry and provocative fashion, even if mildly obscured by the medium. This is a big step forward. About the same size step I'd have been tempted to make forward had I been at this photoshoot. Francia really has so much more goodness to give. This feels like an appetizer for something outstanding to come. Francia, you're going to be hot body genius. I can't wait. Enjoy.

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