BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence Topless Photos Purportedly Flying Around Reddit!

Updated Editor's Note: For all the requests, I can't tell you at this moment where to find the bulk of the celebrity leaked photos. I wish I could be your everything. Well, not everything. For those interested, our friend Lex at WWTDD has a rather unique perspective on the celebrity hacked photos and he includes a luscious selfie of Kate Upton. Nice fella, that degenerate.

Editor's Note: we will not be publishing these photos for the time being pursuant to hot boobs code something or other. However, I'm quite certain that Reddit will maintain their thorough archive of all the days activities.

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Let me start by saying, I have no way to perfectly verify these cell phone style pictures of Jennifer Lawrence topless and sextastic posing that many of you are emailing to me, popped up on Reddit, and are generally skidding around the Internet at Mach 8. I think that's fast, I'm not really sure. That being said, many of them certainly absolutely look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence who we've been scanning with our eyeballs for several years now. It's also possible some are her, some are close doppelgangars and the two photo sets have become jumbled. You never really know in this digital game of photo sharing. As always, I'll leave you with this, if these photos suddenly disappear, you can consider that some rather strong bit of confirmation.

Jennifer, call me, give me the deets, as the kids say. Are these really you or your double? Let's work through this. Your wish is my command. Though, give me about 30 minutes if you would, I need some private time for my own deep review.

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