BREAKING NEWS: Kirsten Dunst Topless Purportedly Leaked Photos Join the Reddit Parade!

Updated Editor's Note: For all the requests, I can't tell you at this moment where to find the bulk of the celebrity leaked photos. I wish I could be your everything. Well, not everything. For those interested, our friend Lex at WWTDD has a rather unique perspective on the celebrity hacked photos and he includes a luscious selfie of Kate Upton. Nice fella, that degenerate.

Editor's Note: we will not be publishing these photos for the time being pursuant to hot boobs code something or other. However, I'm quite certain that Reddit will maintain their thorough archive of all the days activities.

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And the hits just keep on coming. Well, okay, a word that rhymes with hits. Kirsten Dunst topless is next in line of revealing celebrity photos circling the digital world faster than a Space Shuttle on Kardashian diet pills. It's pretty amazing. Is it real? I don't know and I won't claim to know. Once again, these sure look like Kirsten. And we've seen her topless before so we have some baseline, err, boobline, for measurement and judgement.

One thing's for sure, today will either prove to be one of the best days or most disheartening days, in the history of the celebrity sextastic. I can't tell you how hard I'm rooting for the former. Enjoy.

P.S. Kirsten, you have my number. Are these your lovely yams or not? I'm asking for ten million friends.

Photo credit: Reddit Celebs

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