Maria Popova Topless Black And White Shoot For Treats Magazine

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Incredibly sexy model Maria Popova did a naked black and white photo shoot on a rock for Treats Magazine. Maria is completely naked in these pics and you can see all of her goodies. Firstly, her funbags are amazing. They are perfectly shaped and perky as heck. It looks like it was cold on that rock because she is nipping something serious. She's also got an extraordinary booty. It's one of those perfect heart shaped butts that you rarely see in the wild. You even get a glimpse of the top of her lady mons.

I do love naked pictures in black and white. Maybe it's because I'm pretentious and like old foreign black and white movies. Or perhaps the medium just shows off the female form better than in color. Really, I'll take nudity anyway I can get it, black and white, color, sepia, whatever.

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