Natasha Belle and Her Au Natural Naughty Puppies Are Back in Leopard

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I will someday have to hug the EgoReader who introduced us to Natasha Belle and all the happy tingly feelings that have come along for the ride. This glamorous glamour model has all the makings of a girl next door who makes you want to dig an underground tunnel with high-end periscope between your two homes so you can watch her eating her Apple Jacks in her PJs. That would be wrong of course, along with the thousand and one other wrong feelings I have surging through my mediocre sized brain now peering at Natasha stripping out of her leopard print lingerie.

It's incredible how one gloriously alluring woman with a faptastic pair of funbags can easily fell the strongest of the male gender. Or, you know, the doughy among us with lust in our hearts. The world has yet to develop a weapon as universally powerful as sextastic woman with outstanding knockers. I doubt they ever will. Enjoy.

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