Yua Aida Gets Topless and Nekkid And Does Things to Fruit and Bears

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I'm not exactly sure what Yua Aida is munching on seductively, or if what she's doing to her stuffed animals is PETA approved. I don't really care. I only knows she the wicked hot latest stop in our tour of all things alluring and Asian and absolutely must see if you happen to like those traits in a lovely lady. I personally can't take my eyes off of her. At least not until they're convinced there time would be better spent elsehwere.

My mini-fascination with naughty Asian glamorous models could easily turn tidal wave. I feel like I'm right at the tipping point. I try not to let my passions become full fledged obsessions, though I have had little luck in this regard in the past. Yua Aida, expect a letter from me shortly. I don't do Japanese characters well, but look for the not so stick figure man with the bobos I'll color in blue. Enjoy.

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