Kendra Sunderland Topless Bingos and Library Playtime Make for Idiotic Public Indecency Arrest (VIDEO)

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Back in my day, the college library sucked. Especially when you didn't even attend the school and were just trying to find a warm place to sleep. But thanks to Kendra Sunderland, the co-ed experience has reached an apex of visual delights. The Oregon State students became quite famous at the end of last week when her campus library camera fun time with probably some boyfriend became rather famous across the digisphere. I suppose from her semi-coy demeanor in removing her clothes and diddling her fine self, Kendra never fully expected to be caught doing what the police would later call 'public indecency'. Kendra is facing charges now from her actions, which is actually the true indecency. Just take a look at her spectacular funbags and you'll know what I'm saying. C'mon, police, even in Oregon you surely have more important matters to attend to.

I suppose education in the modern digital age presents a series of challenges not quite seen before in the academic environment. Today's challenge was a true success. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: XVIDEOS.COM

Our friends at WWTDD put together a nice little summary video of Kendra's school project. You'd have to search some of the more illicit adult sites to find the full tape. Beware malware, for heaven's and your computer's sake.

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