Alice Baton Strips Out Of Lingerie For Absolutely Pom

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You may not have heard of model Alice Baton yet, but trust me, you've already dreamed about her in your mind. Probably since age twelve or so. A near six foot tall statuesque fashion model beauty with all the right kinds of alluring preen and curves and poses that make you wish you had the moxie to be a European model photographer, or at least the guy with the spray bottle for the shoots.

Featured in Absolutely Pom magazine, which I read religiously while waiting for my jerky to dehydrate (no, that's not a metaphor), the luscious long and lanky model strips out of her barely there lingerie to show exactly how a party turns into an occasion to remember. Sort of like the prom when your date whispers in your ear, 'tonight is the night'. Except when my prom date said that she meant it was the night she told some other dude she had a crush on him. So goes my teenaged years. I wish I could relive them again with some of these Alice Baton photos. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Pierre Dal Corso For Absolutely Pom

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