Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Reveal the Nipples of a Mom Who Keeps Herself in Playing Shape

As always, I will grant you, there are certain parts of Bethenny Frankel that clearly did not come with the original purchase. That being said, let she who is without upgrade cast the first scalpel. There's still the fine art of staying in shape and buying bikinis to small for your Funions, and being willing to show off your team made body for all the boys on the beach to inch one step closer to manhood. Lots of moving parts, and some just jiggling or poking.

Bethenny Frankel took her skinny forty-something mom in bikini routine to Miami Beach and appeared to either be excited by the prospects or experiencing a case of the cold water on headlights because her nipples were poking right through her bikini top. I'm pretty sure they're designed to avoid such a visual display, but nipple don't exist to be tamed. Certainly not these swollen wonders. Bethenny, maybe lay off the Midtown Manhattan doctor visits for a while, but please keep up the bikini work. Between me and your high beams, we definitely need this. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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