Georgie Darby Topless Muay Thai Workout, It's a Real Thing, A Really Good Thing

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Everybody loves the MMA fighting these days. It's cutting across all demos and audience segments, including into the world of high glamour glamorous goody two-melon models like Georgie Darby. I'm not sure if this buxom Brit is actually preparing to fight for real, I don't care. I'm prepared to dream it. Why can't there be a world where ridiculously bodacious young lovelies kick box while topless? In my world I assure you, it already exists.

It's been a while since we've seen hide or peep of Georgie Darby, truly one of the exquisite bits of allure England has managed to foster in their lovely honey indoor hot house maintained on the royal gardens. She certainly seems to be in fighting shape, among other activities that stellar body might be optimally designed for. I think I need to do some crunches, or just head straight to the cold showers. Tap out. Georgie, I submit. Now take your prize. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Georgie Darby

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