Lada Kravchenko In Lingerie And Topless For Zink Magazine

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Buxom Russian beauty Lada Kravchenko was looking boobtacular in the pages of Zink Magazine. She starts off wearing a tasty bondage inspired bit of lingerie. Is there a piece of clothing sexier than a garter belt and stockings? I think not. Her legs are incredible. I would like to run my hands up those bad boys to the palace of Earthly delights. But then she takes her top off and the party really gets started. Lada has a pretty unbelievable rack and the fact that we get to look at it nekkid just goes to show that there is a God and he loves us. I don't know who she's waiting for in that hotel room or whatever but they are one lucky SOB, my friends.

Russian women are so hot. I mean, I'm generalizing but I live in a neighborhood in New York that's adjacent to a Russian hood and I can tell you that they make great vodka and hot women.

Photo Credit: Vincent Binant For Zink Magazine

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