OSU Library Girl Kendra Sunderland Nekkid for Molding Of Her Adult Toys

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Well, I suppose this was inevitable. OSU Library busted coed and future adult star to be Kendra Sunderland got enlisted by grown up products toymaker PipeDream to have her various lady parts molded into replicable silicon toys for the lonely hearts club to delve into on a slow Saturday night. Naturally, you can't have the replicas without the original, so the company filmed the young hot blonde ingenue in the making stripping down for her 'pouring' session.

If you had any doubt this wiser than most college aged young lady has the tool necessary to garner a strong following among consumers of mature themed entertainment, just check out these photos and erase all doubt. This is a potential A-list franchise film star in the making. You never know what gets you over the hump in the humping business, but I'd place a few shekels on Kendra's future in her chosen field. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PipeDream

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