Shelly Scholten Bikini Pictures Flash Sweet Seat Meat In Malibu

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Shelly Scholten is a fitness trainer and a model and a remarkably hot bodied entry into the fancy if not feckless bottled water bikini pimping line of girls prancing through the Malibu waters. There is arguing marketing effectiveness, there is no arguing how badly you wish Shelly would return to your blanket on the beach after her bikini shoot and say something like 'man, having my picture taken makes me super horny'. Dare to dream the unlikely.

Shelly flashed her quite fit and ripe and ridiculously stellar body like a true pro pretty damn sure she carries no extra body fat around in places she's not aware. I've done a careful twenty minute examination of my own and I must concur. Simply bikini body perfection. Wow, that tight little thumper. I do believe I need some electrolytes, stat. A Gatorade and Shelly in just her thong bottom ought to do the trick. In fact, just skip the Gatorade. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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