Stephanie Borja Topless Yacht Striptease Para Hombre

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There's something about those brunette South of the Border model ladies that float my boat. Or yacht. Some day it'll just be me and Pitbull and forty sextastic Latinas partying on my 40-foot sloop and I'll knock Pitbull over the side, because he's annoying and I can do the math. Mexican model Stephanie Borja can definitely come. Based on this visual application, I'd say she's ready for some high seasons exhibitionism.

Featured in this month's Hombre magazine, the premiere lads magazine for the boys down South, Stephanie shows why you really do need a boat of your own. Dock it and they will come. The lust inducing Latina like Stephanie with just the right amount of shyness, as in not all that much. Oh, that body on Stephanie when her clothes come off. Perfecto! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hombre Magazine

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